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The term polish concrete incompases a few different ways to finish a concrete floor. Dimond polished ocnrete refers to the method used to polish the floor, that is diamonds and diamond impregnated resins and used to progressively polish the floor/concrete like you would a marble floor. This method is a green approach to polished concrete and is ideal for a variety of situations ;

Polished concrete flooring is ideal for:

 •    Residential Flooring

•    Commercial Flooring

•    Industrial Flooring

•    Internal Living Areas

•    External Living Areas

•    Concrete Driveways

•    Showrooms

•    Restaurants

•    Retail

•    Salons

•    Pubs and Clubs

•    Hotels

•    Garages

•    Supermarkets

•    Anti-slip Flooring

•    Architectural Homes

•    Eco-Friendly Flooring Solutions

 The process involves the first cut of a course diamond to expose the level of aggregate (colours stones) desired. Then a second cut with finer diamonds to remove those scratches. The third cut is with finer diamonds again and this step is called the grouting step. This is where hairline cracks and the majority or airholes and grouted up. The floor is then treated with a chemical that makes the concrete really hard and dustproof. This allows the concrete surface to be polished with diamonds like marble. The floor is repeatedly polished with finer and finer grit of diamonds until the desired look/gloss level/non-slip rating is achieved. Its at this point a specialized impregnating sealer is used to stain guard the floor. This is a major difference to traditional styled polished concrete where a topical polyurethane or epoxy sealer is used. With diamond polished concrete the gloss is achieved through the polishing process not because of the application of a sealer. 

Diamond polished concrete can radically transform new and old concrete floors. It is an eco-friendly option which is long lasting, hard wearing and aesthetically pleasing. The finish can be tailored to suit budget, type of area or the overall look thats wanted. 

A buyers Guide to Polished Concrete