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DM Terrazzo, A high quality, fast, polishable, architectural cement topping

IMG 3544 edited 1 What is Terrazzo?

Terrazzo is a popular flooring and wall treatment that is making a comeback in current design and architecture. Terrazzo is a composite material that’s either precast or poured into place and is made up of pieces of marble, quartz, granite, or glass. These individual components are then poured with a binder, whether polymeric, cement-based or a combination thereof. Terrazzo isn’t isolated to floor coverings and the options available are endless. 

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Terrazzo can used to make walls, fireplaces, benchtops, speakers can you think of more?  It’s the intricate patterns that has established Terrazzo as a design style that delivers the aesthetic punch. It’s no wonder, then, that this material has influenced numerous graphic-design creations, websites, and even inspired various social-media hashtags and Twitter chats as well as featured in so many iconic buildings throughout the world and history. 

Design Freedom: Complete ability to design to the limits of your imagination. Wherever the Terrazzo appears this substance’s freewheeling creation process gives way to numerous possibilities and styles; lines, curves, circles, triangles, colours, aggregate size and colour, contrasting colours and neutral colours. The beauty of terrazzo is it goes with everything. A Terrazzo floor or wall will go with any piece of furniture you place with it. You can also design the terrazzo to contrast or match in with an individual design piece.

The experience of Diagrind and Maddem Constructions have come together to utilise our differing experience with working with these materials to provide the cutting edge designs we can present today known as DM Terrazzo. Terrazzo has evolved 

What is DM Terrazzo?

DM Terrazzo is Design Manipulated Terrazzo. DM Terrazzo gives the architect the opportunity to encompass the style of the floor into their vision for the build and the designer the freedom to create a colour palette that is outside the box. Neither are limited to standard colours and ideas. At DM Terrazzo we will work with you to design a solution whether it is floors or fixtures to compliment your vision. 

DM Terrazzo uses Rapid Set® TRU®, which is an advanced, professional grade, hydraulic cement-based, architectural topping and resurfacer as its base product.Rapid Set® cement is rapid-hardening calcium sulfoaluminate (CSA) cement, not a portland cement. Rapidset TruTM rapidly levels, maintains workability for 20 minutes, is ready for foot traffic in 2 to 3 hours, produces a smooth, strong surface, has high-bond strength, and ready for coatings in 12 hours and polishing within 24 hours. Integral colours are sourced to colour projects and only the finest aggregates are chosen to complete DM Terrazzo projects. Made from natural materials tonal variation can be expected as well as small areas of unexposed aggregate. DM Terrazzo does not contain any epoxy or resins. with time and this has resulted in different types of Terrazzo materials. Terrazzo overlay is a problem solver and a creative magic wand. Existing concrete slabs often have imperfections – VCT tile lines, various patching materials from carpet tack strips, trenching, framing braces whereas a new terrazzo floor does not.DM terrazzo

DM terrazzo In terms of decorative options, existing concrete slabs are limited to topical colour systems. Whereas DM Terrazzo can be integrally coloured – even multi-coloured to create designs – dyed and stenciled to create art or graphics and then polished to a high gloss. The decorative options available with DM Terrazzo can turn a damaged, ugly floor into a completely different surface. The overlay offers an easy solution to make the floor designable, for both decorative and functional effects. It has a unique visual character that can be creatively enhanced in a variety of ways, and it can be extremely aesthetically pleasing.

The option of integral colour is a tremendous advantage. Since it’s mixed into the material, there are no issues with uneven penetration and absorption. The colour saturation is more consistent than dye, and a very rich colour is possible and becomes a permanent part of the concrete, and the pigments used are considered stable and non-fading. The integral colour used with Rapidset TruTM and by DM Terrazzo, is Ameripolish OS Integral. This product is made and batched for each project to ensure the colour is consistent and doesn’t vary. We will order each colour for each project.

One of the DM Terrazzo's most attractive decorative attributes is that it can be replicated.  If a customer has multiple locations or requires their house to be completed in stages, it is easy to duplicate in location after location because they are consistent in makeup. Similarly, if sections need to be removed and replaced this can be done to make the floor look as seamless as possible. This provides the ability for seamless integration if changes need to be made to reflect design or structural changes in the project.

DM Terrazzo isn’t isolated to a flooring option. DM Terrazzo can be made into wall panels, benchtops, coffee tables, artworks...... the options are endless, challenge us we love to push the boundaries and see how far we can push the terrazzo to conform to the design ideas we have.  

Technical Data Sheet here


Step 1: Measure and Quote

The first step is a phone consult. This way we can determine your needs. The design can begin from a simple sketch or plans. If this is for specialised finishes such as tabletops, coving, balls; we may need to design our own plans.

A site visit is not unusual at this point [though not always necessary] to enable additional measurements to be taken and to determine sub-floors. We need to inspect this to ensure the Terrazzo will be able to bond to the sub-floor or if a new sub floor needs to be installed.

 black grey and natural

Step 2: Design

We will walk away and start designing. We will create samples for approval and test out different methods for execution to get the best result. There are two parts to manufacturing and that depends what type of terrazzo we are creating. If we are creating some specialist piece for you, we need to create a mould.

 glass colours

Step 3: Manufacture

The mould making requires very skilled professional. We create molds from various materials like wood, metal, rubber, foam, plastic and 3D printing, fiberglass or any combination of these. Molds are created in reverse and negative to the required final product. Each project requires careful consideration and often several attempts, to achieve the strengths, angles and desired design. This will then be ground and polished within our factory and transported to you completed. If pouring a floor manufacturing involved creating the recipe and arranging correct batches to be completed on site.

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Step 4. Delivery

This is a big day, for your floor we will first prep the sub-floor, install the new terrazzo floor and then polish and seal. The timeline depends on the intricacy and size of the project. For your specialised piece such as a bench-top/fireplace. We will transport and install your piece on site. If needed further sealing will occur after installed.

 Terrazzo ball


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Terrazzo Maintenance And Floor Care

Click here for maintenance manual 

When properly cared for, terrazzo floors can last a lifetime. What affects the lifetime of the floor is adequate cleaning and maintenance. One of the benefits of terrazzo is its ease of maintenance, they are easy to clean and with a few simple steps, you can reduce potential issues and maintain the  terrazzo floor throughout its lifetime.

MAINTENANCE PRECAUTIONS: Harsh cleaners and sealers can damage terrazzo. Only materials that are neutral pH should be used when scrubbing or mopping floors. Sealers should achieve a slip resistance coefficient of friction rating applicable to code. Water-based sealers are most commonly recommended and utilized today. Mop on, in one or more coats, in accordance with the instructions of the sealer manufacturer. This can also be followed by a water-based finish (dressing) for daily or weekly buffing if a high sheen is desired. Most sealers will say on their TDS what cleaning chemicals they recommend. Please ask us what cleaners are recommended for your floor finish. 


This is 100% dictated by the type of sealer used on the Terrazzo Floor. The procedure for a terrazzo floor finished using Diamond polishing methods is different to one that has been finished with a topical sealer. Both however will recommend the use of a neutral based cleaner as a regular cleaner. 

FAQ: “How often must we sweep or scrub this floor?”

This is dependent on the traffic that frequents the area. In your home the floor will not get anywhere near the traffic a shopping Centre might so frequency and level of cleaning will differ even if the methods are the same. Daily dust mopping is a requirement in most public buildings. Daily dust mopping removes both the dust and the grit tracked into the building. The better you take care of your floor the longer it will last before it requires revitalizing.