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Diagrind as a company has over 20 years’ experience in the diamond and concrete flooring industry, as a team we use the best equipment, diamonds and chemicals available.  Diagrind is a family business and this means you are working with a team that offers a wealth of knowledge and experience. No matter the size of your project the Diagrind team will work towards getting your project completed on time and on budget. 

Being a family business we believe in working with our clients from the beginning to ensure that their vision is carried out. By speaking to us early Diagrind can work with the concrete supply and placement making sure the end product is what you had asked for in the beginning.

Our Team is now located in four locations; Tasmania, Sydney, Newcastle, Central Coast NSW,  Marybrough Wide Bay Queensland and Cairns Far North Queensland. Each team travel so please speak to us today to see if we are able to work with you. 


Diagrind specialises in polished concrete, concrete floor preparation, industrial flooring and seamless decorative flooring for the construction industry, commercial, retail and industrial sectors, as well as architectural residential projects in NSW, QLD and Tasmania.


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Diamond Polished Concrete Terrazzo Grind and Seal Honed Concrete
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Epoxy Coatings Concrete cutting, sawing and drilling Floor Stripping and Removal Floor Preparation and levelling



Diagrind Has a Focus on QualityDIAGRIND TRIANGLE

When looking at a pricing a project you have 3 options for a finish, for Diagrind a good/quality finish is a non-negotionable option.  A high quality project demands high quality results. To achieve this Diagrind focus's on reliability, being on time, managing costs, communication and problem solving. Regardless the project; concrete floor preparation and levelling, protective coatings such as epoxy or sealers, installation of terrazzo floors, refurbishment of terrazzo floors, installation of polished concrete, The Diagrind Team treat each client as their priorty.  

With continual advancement in resin and cement based technology, Diagrind stays at the forefront of technology with regular meetings, conferences, training and international training for all its crew. Being good at what we do itsnt good enough. Continual learning and upskilling allows Diagrind to provide world class results. The technology with thin set terrazzo and our work with this product has transformed new and existing floors with rapid turnaround. 

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Diagrind as a company has won numerous awards for its projects throughout the years including projects that have won HIA awards architecture awards etc. In partcluar, Diagrind won the international award for Concrete Surfaces Residential New Build Best Floor in 2017. This project utilized lots of skills and knowledge to provide the client with the specialized polished concrete finish they requested. The skill and ingenuity was recognized and hence why Diagrind's project won this award.  By using Diagrind you know that you are getting a world class finish from a local team.

We specialize in providing finishes for commercial flooring, retail flooring, architectural designed polished concrete flooring, terrazzo flooring and floor preparation. Commercial and Retail flooring solutions including floor grinding and preparation, epoxy coatings, diamond polished concrete and grind and seal.

Polished concrete can be the perfect addition to your architecturally designed home, and our team has a wealth of experience working with a range of architects and builders all over Australia. Polishable floor toppings or Terrazzo flooring are fast becoming a flooring of choice in many applications such as new builds, homes, retail spaces and government buildings. 


Diagrind Has a Focus on Communication

Polished concrete can be complicated and completed so many ways and different contractors will recommend different methods. Some of these methods are exactly the same just with different names and this can be confusing. At Diagrind we will take the time to explain what everything is and the pro's and con's of each option as it relates to your project. We work with you from the beginning that’s right at the planning stage for new builds or from the beginning of your renovation. We wont recommend the wrong product to you, but rather make sure you get what your project and budget needs. Diagrind can provide spectacular finishes for your residential home whether its new, existing or an extension. Diagrind also extensively works in the retail and commercial sector where their use and knowledge of the right tools and equipment will make sure you get not just what you need but what you want. 

 Meet the team

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 Matt  Jess  Dave Rob Peter

Terrazzo specialist, Polished Concrete specialist with over 15 yrs experience. Consulation on other projects

Project Management & Site supervisor

Sales, accounts, quoting, consultation


Terrazzo specialist, Polished Concrete specialist with over 20 yrs experience.


Polished concrete and floor prep


Polished concrete and floor prep