Traditional Polished Concrete and Epoxy Floors
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Before The technoogy we now use to diamond or mechanically polish concrete the only way to achieve that glass look was with the application of a topical sealer. This method of polished concrete is still used extensiely as it is perfect for concrete not designed for mechanical/diamond polishing and for areas that need a very high chemical and stain resistance. 

Grind and Seal : aka Traditional polished concrete

Previously, polished concrete floors were based on the standard grind  and sealing process. This process required grinding to the required amount of aggregate exposure and removing scratches then applying different sealers (polyurethane commonly used) to create the finish wanted like a wet glossy look. These sacrificial coatings require a long term maintenance program which consists of stripping and re-sealing the floor on a regular basis in order to keep the polished concrete looking its best. This represented expensive on-going maintenance costs. It also required good ventilation, for the concrete to have cured for a minimum amount of time and for the floors to be left to dry for a few days before use. This meant that there was more down time on a project and does not allow for fast turnaround times which can be critical in commercial projects.

Technology in this space has improved dramatically and Diagrind ® is able to offer a range of finishes to suit each client and their needs. Polyurethanes still exist and are still used extensively in this area. They are the only sealer (besides epoxy) that can really achieve that wet glossy look. Their costs has reduced and the range and options on UV stability and low voc is continueing to grow. This has eliminated some of the problems faced with this type of floor finish in the past. 

This option is often used for older existing concrete where you want the polished concrete look but the concrete is of lessor quality that does not allow us to use the methods of diamond polished concrete. This method enables anyone to have the polished concrete look.

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 Epoxy Floors

Epoxy floors provide a perfect finish for all types of applications whether they be commercial, retail or residential. Epoxy coatings are often used due to their seamless floor solutions, durability and low porosity. All coatings used by Diagrind ® are 100% solids and made by the best manufacturers we can find. We have systems available for both internal and external use, non-slip, covings, line marking, concrete repairs, etc.
All floors are expertly prepared by diamond grinding before application of any epoxy coating to ensure a long lasting result.

Epoxy coatings are ideal for;

Factories floors
Cold rooms
Safety lines and markings
Flake coat: a decorative finish allowing for a wide range of colours and finishes used in offices and garages
Coving for commercial and retail kitchens

You are only limited by you imagination

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