The Benefits of Polished Concrete
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§  Polished concrete is different to any other floor surface, as it creates the perfect balance of beauty and practicality.
§  Polished concrete floors are energy efficient: The glass like effect of polished concrete shines and reflects light and heat to reduce energy consumption, yet is solid, durable and low-maintenance. Diagrind can offer a tailored solution to suit your home or business environment.
§  Polished concrete is very versatile; it is great for small and large commercial environments with a range of different finishes as well as for the family home.
§ Polished Concrete floors can save you time, as the work can be completed in sections and with no drying time this can reduce the inconvenience of having to cease trading or leave the home and can allow a faster return to normal after the job is completed.
§  Polished concrete is extremely low maintenance, cost effective and creates an eco-friendly working environment for employees.
§  Polished concrete is highly durable to foot or industrial machinery traffic and more resistant to stains.
§  The signature finish brightens any work space and has been successfully used in galleries, architecturally design homes. Shopping centres, retail shops and factories as it will accentuate and compliment any decor.
§  Polished concrete floors do not trap mold, mildew, dust mites, bacteria, allergens, or moisture like other floors do. Because the floors are polished, they are not porous – meaning nothing can get inside. Polished concrete is a great alternative for anyone who suffers from allergies, asthma, or other respiratory issues.

A buyers Guide to Polished Concrete 

                                                                                            Polished concrete flooring is ideal for:

                                                                                                       •    Residential Flooring
                                                                                                       •    Commercial Flooring
                                                                                                       •    Industrial Flooring•    Internal Living Areas
                                                                                                       •    External Living Areas
                                                                                                       •    Concrete Driveways
                                                                                                       •    Showrooms
                                                                                                       •    Restaurants
                                                                                                       •    Retail
                                                                                                       •    Salons
                                                                                                       •    Pubs and Clubs
                                                                                                       •    Hotels
                                                                                                       •    Garages
                                                                                                       •    Supermarkets
                                                                                                       •    Hospital Flooring
                                                                                                       •    Anti-slip Flooring
                                                                                                       •    Architectural Homes
                                                                                                       •    Eco-Friendly Flooring Solutions