Diamond Polished Concrete Flooring
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diamond polished concreteAll you need to know about diamond polished concrete. Polished concrete is different to any other floor surface, as it creates the perfect balance of beauty and practicality. Polished concrete floors are energy efficient: The glass like effect of polished concrete shines and reflects light and heat to reduce energy consumption, yet is solid, durable and low-maintenance. There are two main types of polished concrete and they differ significantly; many different companies will use alternative names to describe them. The most common types are grind and seal (also known as traditional polished concrete) or diamond polished concrete (also known as Pyrafloor, Hiperfloor, Superfloor, natural polish etc), today we are discussing diamond polished concrete. Polished concrete is very versatile; it is great for small and large commercial environments with a range of different finishes as well as for the family home. Polished concrete floors do not trap mould, mildew, dust mites, bacteria, allergens, or moisture like other floors do. Because the floors are polished, they are not porous – meaning nothing can get inside. Polished concrete is a great alternative for anyone who suffers from allergies, asthma, or other respiratory issues.

The signature finish brightens any work space and has been successfully used in galleries, homes, Shopping centres, retail shops and factories as it will accentuate and compliment any decor. Polished concrete won’t suit every area and application, so it is important to discuss with Diagrind ® early on your plans. We can advise on whether it is suited to your needs. For example; bathrooms and wet areas can be tricky and must be done differently to the rest of the house. The multiple pours of concrete needed can blow out costs, so it is an important consideration.

Did you know?

We use the best available equipment diamonds and chemical products to ensure we can give our clients the best possible floor. No two polished concrete floors are the same and no two suppliers of polished concrete floors are the same. It is important when looking for someone to polish your floor that they understand what you want in the finish and have the ability and knowledge to provide that.

Design Freedom.
Colours and finishes that will let your creativity flow

With a new build there are several things to consider before you start with polished concrete.

  • What colour do you want the concrete? This can be achieved several ways. Either in the concrete mix batched from the batching plant or as a stain placed after the concrete has been installed. For most cases we recommend having the colour mixed into the concrete, this will decrease the risk of variation in the colour of the concrete and any issues with UV stability.
  • Another choice you must make before you pour any concrete is the colour of the aggregate/stone in  your floor. This must be chosen in conjunction with your concretor and the concrete supplier. supplier should be able to show you samples of what they can offer ( every supplier and every batching plant can be slightly different and don’t all stock the same stone).
  • It is important for diamond polished concrete that you choose a minimum of 32MPA concrete, this means  the concrete is harder and has more cement than normal concrete and is important to bu for. Once  you have chose the colour of your concrete and the stone your ready for the next step finish.

The three main finishes:

 burnished concrete  1. Burnished/cream polish This is where the surface part of the concrete is polished, and no stone  is exposed (think Bunnings and Masters floors). If this is the look you are after then there is some  important information that will need to be discussed with the concreter who installs your concrete to  make sure they finish it correctly. The surface is polished so no concrete is removed.
 hit n miss polished concrete  2. Partial stone exposure (aka hit n miss, salt n pepper). With this finish the floor is ground flat. Some areas will have lots of stone exposed and some will have little to no stone exposed. This is a random exposure and the pattern of exposure is dependent on how well the concrete was placed. 1-3mm of concrete is ground to achieve this look. Depending on how well the concrete has been placed will determine if this is possible.
 full exposure diamond polished concrete  3. Full stone exposure the floor is ground flat and then ground until the stone is evenly exposed. With some floors we have no choice but to give full exposure, this will happen if the concrete isn’t installed very level and we must grind a significant amount away to make the floor flat.  5-10m concrete is typically removed, so it is important to plan your heights correctly to allow for this. Please Contact us for more information on how to install the concrete for the different finishes.


Gloss Level and slip rating.

Full exposure diamond polished concrete

With diamond polished concrete we can create different gloss levels and different slip ratings to suit a need. You can have a matte finish, satin finish or a gloss finish floor. We recommend more most situations a minimum of a satin finish to ensure good light reflection in the space. With different gloss levels come different slip ratings. For your home this really isn’t much of a concern. If you have external polished concrete, then we don’t polish the floor to full gloss to allow a more non-slip finish. For outside polished concrete we hone the surface. Where slip ratings are more important is in retail and commercial spaces. We can provide P1-P5 floors. If you let us know what you require, we can make sure the floor is finished at the right grit to give the non-slip that is needed.

The Installer

It is important that the concretor you choose understands what is needed with polished concrete. It is also important that the batching plant the supplier of the concrete knows the concrete is for polished concrete as they will make the concrete a little differently. We have several documents we can give to your concreters to make sure they install it correctly. There are some simple things that is needed for example, we ask no one smokes whist installing the concrete as the butt is often thrown into the slab and it is light and floats to the surface. It is also important boots are cleaned of sticks and leave before they get into the area to install the concrete as the sticks and leaves are light and float to the surface. These simple things will ensure that there is less issues in the finished floor. If your concretor is unsure of anything we always advise calling us to talk about the project.

site setup diamond polished concreteConcrete Floors deserve better treatment than just being walked on. Diamond Polished Concrete will really make you appreciate the advantages of having concrete as an exposed floor surface. Dirty, grey floors are transformed into brilliant, easy-clean, environmentally-friendly and durable floors. Diamond Polished Concrete is a long term economical option for all types of business activities, compared to traditional methods for concrete floors, we provide unbeatable durability and an unlimited lifespan (i.e. the life of the building). The initial investment is the similar traditional flooring solutions, but the low maintenance cost and longer lifespan make it a lucrative investment. The life cycle cost is about 60% less than for traditional flooring solutions. Concrete is composed of pure natural materials. The coatings that are often applied to the concrete have an adverse effect on the environment. Diamond Polished Concrete uses as much as 30 times less energy than traditional flooring solutions.



Diamond polished concrete is;

  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Environmentally-friendly option
  • Slip-proof even when the floor is wet (can be finished to different non-slip ratings)
  • Highest fire-safety class
  • Easy to clean, no vehicle marks
  • Just as good for new applications as well as renovations of existing and tired concrete surfaces
  • 60% lower life cycle cost than with traditional flooring solutions
  • Lower vibration level for vehicles

The Diagrind ® Difference.

 There are lots of different people who can do polished concrete and advertise to supply it but are they all the same? Diagrind ® has been providing different types of polished concrete as a family for 20 years. We have seen the industry grow and change and we have changed as the products and techniques have improved over time. Diagrind ® has experience providing many awards winning floors for award winning homes. We have worked on smaller projects all the way to large projects that take months to complete.
We use the best available equipment diamonds and chemical products to ensure we can give our clients the best possible floor. No two polished concrete floors are the same and no two suppliers of polished concrete floors are the same. It is important when looking for someone to polish your floor that they understand what you want in the finish and have the ability and knowledge to provide that. Many will confuse the different terms used to describe polished concrete such as natural polish or traditional polish or diamond polish, these are not the same product. We will take the time to discuss your needs and give you options based on suitability and price. Diagrind ® also appreciates that time is money. As a team we will bring as much equipment as possible to site to reduce the downtime it takes to polish the concrete. What this does is often brings forward the timeline and gets projects finished faster.
So how do you compare quotes? Why do some contractors seem to charge way more? Often prices are different as people are not quoting the same type of polished concrete. If the price is half of the price of another it is more likely they have quoted a grind and seal finish versus a diamond polished concrete finish. At Diagrind ® we are happy to review different quotes and explain the difference in pricing and methods used. We want all our clients to be happy with their choice of flooring and get what they have asked for.


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