Cleaning and Maintenance
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Everything needs maintenance

Fortunately, your Pyrafloor finished concrete floor needs less than most. There are three basic parts to keeping your new floor in top condition:

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  • Refreshing/Revitalizing

Cleaning is obvious. Daily sweeping or mopping helps keep dirt and grime from building up. Of course, clean up spills of anything as soon as they happen. Your Pyrafloor floor is harder and denser that most, so it resists spills better then most. Floors protected with C2 Seal™ are even more resistant – but clean spills up as soon as you can anyway. Weekly or twice weekly cleaning with C2 Maintenance™, along with daily cleaning with C2 Clean™, keeps your Pyrafloor floor in top condition.

Refreshing is just running a dry high-speed burnisher over the C2 Seal™ or C2 Ultra Seal™ protected floor. This is usually enough, week to week or month to month, to pop that shine right back to “new.” Of course, it'll take some high traffic levels to wear the gloss down enough to where you'll need to refresh.

Revitalizing means reapplying a thin coat of C2 Seal™ or C2 Ultra Seal™ and burnishing it in. Doing this a couple times a year – or more if needed – makes sure the floor's gloss level stays high. You'll probably appreciate the fact the coating gets re-applied without your having to strip the old coat. And even when revitalizing is needed to bring back the gloss, the protective qualities of C2 Seal™ or C2 Ultra Seal™ are still in full force.

Testing – When your Pyrafloor applicator installed your floor, it was tested to meet your

Expectations. How long should it meet those standards? Your floor will meet those standards for as long as you take care of it. Just to be on the safe side, though, inspect and test the floor regularly in the same way it was tested when new.

If test results meet or exceed the standards set when the floor was new –congratulations! You're doing a fine job! If the test results dip below those standards, you probably need to tweak your maintenance program a little. Usually that means cleaning and refreshing/revitalizing more often. It's just like your car -- regular maintenance keeps it running right. For your Pyrafloor floor, cleaning, refreshing/revitalizing, and testing need to be done regularly.

How regularly depends on two things:

The appearance you want.

The performance you demand.

If your brilliant, highly polished floor gets thousands of visitors daily, you'll probably want to clean, refresh and revitalize more often then the owner of a steel-troweled floor in a warehouse. It really depends on you. Your Pyrafloor Factory-Trained Applicator can advise you on what you'll need to do to keep the appearance you want in the face of your floor's workload. Regular testing provides more feedback on how your maintenance program is doing.

Routine cleaning is important for keeping your Pyrafloor floor performing at like-new standards for the lifetime of the floor. Always clean with C2 Maintenance™ and C2 Clean™. They're made for Pyrafloor floors. See the product data sheets for complete application instructions.

Not Recommended

  • Any type of bleach detergent, as this tends to start breaking down the surface.
  • Any acid-based products such as vinegar or ammonia.
  • Any type of abrasive cleaning cloths such as scouring pads or scrubbers.
  • Harsh cleaning detergents on these surfaces as it will diminish the gloss of the surface and may leave unsightly scuffmarks because of the abrasive qualities of these detergents.

44190204 2402534156453501 4284727651584704512 nNever use acidic or alkaline cleaners on Pyrafloor floors.

Stains and spills

Penetrating Stains (i.e. oil, red wine) These types of products can leave a discoloured or darkened area by attaching to the pores in the concrete. These stains can be minimized by timely clean up but if left on the surface for a period can darken and discolour the area.

Reactive stains (i.e. orange juice, acids) These types of products can etch the surface if not cleaned up in a timely manner. In the case of harsh acids etching can occur instantly.

Simple tips

Fit protective pads to chairs & tables.

Castor legs should be fitted into castor cups.

Use a dry mop regularly.

Avoid direct heat from free standing heaters.

Spills should be cleaned up straight away to avoid penetration or damage.

At no point should a steam mop be used on your Machine Polished Floor.

When washing your floor always leave the kitchen until last.

Door mats recommend at all doors.


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