Floor Stripping and Preparation
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 There are many steps behind the correct way to prepare a subfloor. This can be simply removing the existing tiles or carpet or coatings. Alternatively is can be much more extensive.


floor preparation Diagrind ®Floor Stripping Diagrind ® has the latest and most productive floor strippers in Australia. With 2 x propane & 1 x all day battery National ride on floor scrapers, a range of jackhammers and jackhammers on trolleys which along with our skilled operators quickly and simply remove parquetry, timber, vinyl, carpet, ceramic & natural stone tiles as well as toppings. Almost anything that is on your floor Diagrind ® can remove with the least of fuss and leaving your concrete ready for any new coverings. Diagrind ® have the skills and equipment to get the job completed day or night. We work with our customers to minimise downtime and ensure we are as quick and clean as possible.

floor preparation Diagrind ®

Diagrind ® uses it's equipment to remove any existing floor coverings to bring the floor back to its original surface ready for new surfaces to be placed. Whether this is grinding the surface to remove epoxy or stencilcrete or removal of tiles and vinyl. We can easily and quickly remove what is necessary to allow the new floor coverings to be laid.

floor preparation Diagrind ®




Preparing your area (home/office/shop/factory) For Diagrind ® to Complete Floor Prep Works

Preparing for polished concrete or floor stripping:
Due to the nature of our work, dust is unavoidable, we do everything in our power to minimise the amount created. Our diamond grinders are attached to vacuum systems so when grinding and polishing dust is kept to a minimum. However when we are stripping existing floor coverings we are unable to do the same for jack hammers and floor strippers, therefore there may be some dust created. There are some things you can do however to help minimise the spread of this dust and the amount of cleaning after our work has been completed:
•    Move everything you can from the area (including furniture and window coverings).
•    Close doors to other areas of the house or building that aren't being worked on (you can put tape over the joins to help prevent dust getting in). This will help prevent the dust from spreading into other areas. If you have an open plan and do not have doors, plastic can be draped from the ceiling. Please feel free to speak to our team on commencement of the job and we can assist you in this matter.
•    Plastic drapes can be placed over kitchen benches and taping kitchen cupboards and doors can prevent the fine dust from entering.
•    If we are removing tiles from your bathroom, removing your toilet will prevent damage to the toilet pan. While using jack hammers to remove your floor coverings, the vibrations can cause the system to split. We are unable to do this for you. You will need to arrange this with your plumber. They will remove it in the morning and replace it after completion of the job. Please note: If you decide not to remove the toilet, it is at your own risk.
•    Removal of furniture is not our responsibility. Please ensure this is done prior to commencement of your job. Dishwashers and fridges need to be removed as well.

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