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This is a loaded question and ever house is different. So we thought we might put together a small list of pro's and con's to the major types.B K Serpentine Rd Finals (7 of 24)

First big difference is diamond polished or grind and seal.

  • Pro Diamond polished:
    • hard to scratch as no topical coating to scratch off
    • able to achieve a variety of non-slip levels easily
    • eco-friendly greener flooring option
    • low lifetime cost
    • easy to refurbish
  • Con Diamond Polished:
    • susceptible to acid etching
    • susceptible to staining
    • level of exposure and artefacts determined by the concreter who installs
  • Pro Grind and Seal:
    • often cheaper option
    • very good staining resistance
    • can achieve "wet look" polished concrete
  • Con Grind and Seal:
    • topical coating that can scratch
    • achieving non-slip requires an additive that can detract from aesthetics or cause floor to wear prematurely
    • harder to refurbish

The next major question to answer is the exposure of aggregate level

Burnished concrete/cream polish Class O and A):

  • Pro: 
    • clean seamless finish
    • natural looking and easier to colour match between different pours. 
    • cheapest and fastest diamond polished concrete floor
  • Con:
    • staining that occurs before polishing can be difficult to impossible to remove
    • pattern and finish dictated by the quality of helicopter work when installed
    • acid etching can be much more noticeable compared to floors with exposed aggregate.
    • can really only be achieved on new builds
    • small aggregate and fines can be exposed during the polishing process
    • level of finish dictated by levelness of floor

Hit n Miss/partial aggregate exposure (Class B):

  • Pro: 
    • industrial look
    • works on most floors (sometimes due to installation majority of aggregate will need to be exposed)
    • can sometimes hide artefacts from pouring.
  • Con:
    • level of exposure dictated by levelness of floor

Full exposure/platinum (Class C/D):

  •  Pro:
    • will always level the floor out
    • can grind out high spots and to allow for doors without affecting the look and finish
    • terrazzo look to floor
    • very high end finish
  • Con:
    • quality of exposure dictated by installation of concrete
    • artefacts such as boot prints and screed marks can be seen.
    • Cold joints in pour can be obvious


There are so many different names givent to polished concrete it can be extremely confusing for example;

hiperfloor, superfloor, pyrafloor, hit n miss, burnished, surface polish, cream polish, salt n pepper, partial exposure, bronze, silver, gold, platinum, just to name a few........

At Diagrind (R) we have tried to simplfy the process and ignore all the fancy names which essentially mean the same thing. American standards (as we are yet to get Australian ones) break polished concrete into several classes 

Class O: burnished concrete

Class A: cream polish

Class B: partial exposure

Class C/D: medium to full exposure

Class S (this is unique to Australia: grind and seal (varying levels of aggregate exposure)

There are no fancy names, this can be used by any propriatary polishing system. This way you know that you are getting what you asked for from your contractor. We provide free resources for you to use and give you contractor to descibe the type of polished concrete you want. 

All of the forms are here



Diagrind ® was recently interview by the Undercover Architect. This was a great way to help answer all the questions that people often have when it comes to polished concrete. UndercoverArchitect podcast id101 polished concrete floors

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Diamond Fire & Electrical All of our expert electrical services are carried out by competent and highly qualified electricians to the very highest of standards.

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Using the latest mobility device technology we can provide on call 24/7, our service technicians test, service and maintain your equipment to help ensure it complies with regulations including Australian Standard AS1851.


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grinder hireThere are times that DIY is the best and the cheapest option and then there are times that it is not. When paying for a professional to do the work you aren't just paying for the hours that they are working for you. What you are paying for is they years of experience and knowledge.

There are many factors to consider when starting a DIY Project. Below i have listed some to consider before starting your DIY Journey.

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