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stripping tilesgalleryDiagrind recently received the award for Concrete Surfaces Residential New Build Best Floor 2017. This project utelized lots of skills and knowledge to provide the client with the specialised polished concrete finish they requested. This skill and ingenuity was recognised at the awards and hence why Diagrind's project won the award. So when you use Diagrind you know that you are getting a world class finish from a local team. 

Diagrind as a company has over 20 years’ experience in the diamond and concrete flooring industry, as a team we use the best equipment, diamonds and chemicals available. Diagrind is a family business and this means you are working with a team that offers a wealth of knowledge and experience. No matter the size of your project the Diagrind team will work towards getting your project completed on time and on budget. Being a family business we believe in working with our clients from the begining to ensure that their vision is carried out. By speaking to us early Diagrind can work with the concrete supply and placement making sure the end product is what you had asked for in the begining.

Floor Stripping can be messy and cause lots of damage to the underlying concrete surfce if it is completed incorrectly. Diagrind owns and uses all of the right specialised equipment to remove vinly, tiles, carpet and timber. Ride on floor scrapers can remove floor coverings at a very fast rate closely followed by grinders will bring any floor back to its original concrete surface. There are lots of ways to remove tiles but doing it correctly without cause lots of damage to the underlying floor is important. Diagrind has the experience and tooling to ensure minimal damage is done to the concrete.

Diagrind also extensively works in the retail and commercial sector in Sydney and surrounds where their use and knowledge of the right tools and equipment will make sure you get not just what you need but what you want. Contact us today for a quote.