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What project do you need to hire equipment for?

Cutting and sawing, Grinding and polishing a floor or benchtop, sanding a timber floor, Removal or tiles and vinyl, cleaning and scrubbing hard surfaces? DIY Grind has a range of equipment to suit a range of applications.

Have you ever wanted polished concrete floors or benchtops? Concrete is a blank canvas waiting for you to style it the way you like. Whether you are polishing the surface, grinding and exposing the aggregate (stones) or applying a decorative coating to the floor, you are only limited by your imagination.

DIY Grind can provide the equipment the experts use, along with the advice needed to achieve your own polished finish and professional results.

Getting your polished concrete finish has never been simpler, you will get advice from industry experts and be able to hire world leading equipment and diamonds.

As industry experts in polished concrete and grinding we understand your needs when finishing a concrete floor or benchtop.

You may just need to remove the tiles and glue from your floor before you lay new tiles. DIY grind can provide the right equipment and advice to make this an easier task. Diy Grind has jackhammers on trolleys and easy to use grinders and vacuum packages available for hire. The concrete saws are also a great demolition tool.

DIY Grind provides step by step guides for all your home renovation needs and provides phone support to its customers to ensure you get the job done right.
The equipment you hire is the same equipment that experts use to get a professional finish to floors and benchtops and all concrete finishes.

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