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Living Dining

Brush Road

Concretor - B & K Developments NSW
Architect - Osmond McLeod Architects
Builder - B & K Developments NSW
Completion Date: August 2018
Winner - . Custom Built Home $800k - $1.5m.





The Brush Road project was organised and run flawlessly from start to end and the team at B & K Developments (project) were a pleasure to work with. The professionalism on this site made this project come together with relative ease, the straight lines in the design and muted colour pallet make this a home that will stand the test of time not only in construction but also design. The Concrete was a basalt mix and installed by B & K developments (the builder). The initial grind and polishing was performed prior to any walls being installed. During the building process the floor was protected to help prevent any damage caused by the building process. At the end of the project we returned to give the floor a clean and buff, however it was protected so well during the build this wasnt necessary.

This project recently won the Custom Built Home of the year 2019 and we can see why. 

The judge’s comments were: -

“The clean lines and styling of this generously proportioned home disguises the complexities involved in its construction. The commitmet of the builder is demonstrated by a consistent quality of workmanship evident throughout the building and in its more distinctive features, such as the polished concrete floor that extends throughout the ground floor.”

You can see the workmanship that went into this project with an expertly designed and finished kitchen by Artform Kitchens. You can see how each element of this build complements each other. As you can see the homeowners and the builders are thrilled with the final outcome. The polished concrete finish is an architectural feature of this home and with love and care it will last its lifetime. 


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