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So what is Polished Concrete? There are two main types of polished concrete and the term can be used interchangeably between them both. You have diamond or mechanical polished concrete and grind and seal polished concrete. Both methods are infact poished concrete but have very distinct differences. It is key when pricing up your polished concrete you determine which type you want and are pricing. 

There are two main types of polished concrete

Diamond Polished Concrete

Grind and Seal Polished Concrete

This process is designed mainly for new construction. Requires 32MPA concrete and the gloss level is achieved during the polishing process. diamond polished concrete This Process is designed for older/lower quality concrete and the gloss level is achieved through the use of a topical sealer. This sealer can be waterbased, polyurethane or epoxy.grind and seal polished concrete

 At Diagrind ® we will take to you about the pro's and cons of each choice and help guide you to choosing the option that bes suits your home/office/shop and your budget. 

Please check out our calculator to get an esitmate on the cost of polished concrete, floor preparation works, epoxy and Terrazzo.

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What if your concrete isn't good enough ?

 Sometimes the concrete is the wrong height (as found in mny retail shops or after tiles have been removed in your home), and sometimes the concrete is just ugly. There is no nice way to say it. The colour could be all wrong or there could be mutiple patches and tenches and to polish the existing concrete would just be an eyesore. For these situations we recommend DM Terrazzo. A thin set Terrazzo floor can be designed to suit any space and installed after a base build. It can be polished using both techniques of polishing and can offer a rapid turnaround and tranformation of an unusable space to a piece of flooring art. 



DM terrazzo

What is DM Terrazzo?

DM Terrazzo is Design Manipulated Terrazzo. DM Terrazzo gives the architect the opportunity to encompass the style of the floor into their vision for the build and the designer the freedom to create a colour palette that is outside the box. Neither are limited to standard colours and ideas. At DM Terrazzo we will work with you to design a solution whether it is floors or fixtures to compliment your vision.

DM Terrazzo is more inline with traditional Terrazzo floors which have been around for hundreds of years. DM Terrazzo is a problem solver and a creative magic wand. A thin layer of DM Terrazzo can be poured on new or existing concrete, transforming it into a new floor. Existing concrete slabs often have imperfections – VCT tile lines, various patching materials from carpet tack strips, trenching, framing braces. This so-called character may be OK with some customers, but not the customer who wants uniformity. Many customers are wanting polished concrete without all the flaws showing up in the finished floor.

DM Terrazzo uses Rapid Set® TRU® is an advanced, professional grade, hydraulic cement-based, architectural topping and resurfacer as its base product. Rapid Set® cement is rapid-hardening calcium sulfoaluminate (CSA) cement, not a portland cement. Rapidset TruTM rapidly levels, maintains workability for 20 minutes, is ready for foot traffic in 2 to 3 hours, produces a smooth, strong surface, has high-bond strength, and ready for coatings in 12 hours and polishing within 24 hours. Integral colours are sourced to colour projects and only the finest aggregates are chosen to complete DM Terrazzo projects. Made from natural materials tonal variation can be expected. 

In terms of decorative options, existing concrete slabs are limited to topical color systems. Where as DM Terrazzo can be integrally colored – even multicolored to create designs – dyed and stenciled to create art or graphics and then polished to a high gloss. DM Terrazzo offers an easy solution to make the floor designable, for both decorative and functional effects. It has a unique visual character that can be creatively enhanced in a variety of ways, and it can be gorgeous.

Now there are three garantees in life death taxes and concrete cracking. Plenty can be done to minimise cracking and to try to prevent it but at the end of the day there is more than likely a crack there (whether is is visible or not). So what does cracked concrete mean for polished concrete?

crack repair Diagrind ®

  • Firstly it allows you to get the job done in a reasonable period of time
  • No one wants a project to drag on and on especially floors as they can be so disruptive.
  • Secondly, safety: having a good dust management procedures in place you are not only keeping yourself and staff safe but also protecting the public from unnecessary dust exposure. Dust management also keeps the site clean and a clean site allows everyone to work seamlessly around each other.
  • Thirdly a great team. Having a great setup allows the team to work efficiently around each other even in a tight space. This work was completed between 10pm and 5am (when it was freezing). Working during these hours and these temps can be a recipe for disaster. However we had the right crew with the right setup and the work was performed to perfection. (also having a generator on the truck allows us to have three phase power wherever we need it).

 Site Setup Example 1: 

Can you just use any saw or drill to cut concrete?

Diagrind ® core drillingDiagrind ® core drilling

The short answer no, the long answer....... 

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