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Now there are three garantees in life death taxes and concrete cracking. Plenty can be done to minimise cracking and to try to prevent it but at the end of the day there is more than likely a crack there (whether is is visible or not). So what does cracked concrete mean for polished concrete?

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Can you just use any saw or drill to cut concrete?

diagrind core drillingdiagrind core drilling

The short answer no, the long answer....... 

IMG 1061Traditional polished concrete is the polished concrete that is first ground and then sealed with a topical sealer. This is hte best option for softer types of concrete like 20 and 25MPA. This is also a type of polished concrete and the DIYer can achieve themselves. YouTube is your friend !!! Once all the grinding is finished its time to choose a sealer. There are literally hundreds of different sealers on the market how do you choose? Its important to break it down on the area of application first. Is it inside or outside? IF outside you are going to want to use a more impregnating sealer otherwise it will be super slippery when wet. Inside you choice is wider. Do you want it glossy or more of a satin finish? Do you want a sealer that darkens the concrete gives it a wet look or do you prefer the more natural colour? 

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How do you get a burnished concrete finish?

Burnished concrete is the polished concrete finish where there is no aggregate exposed. This is achieved by a few steps. First the concrete when placed must be placed as level as possible as we are not removing any material from the surface any high's and lows will remain in the concrete. If your floor isn't laid flat when you look across it, it will look like the ripple of an ocean.

The term polish concrete incompases a few different ways to finish a concrete floor. Dimond polished ocnrete refers to the method used to polish the floor, that is diamonds and diamond impregnated resins and used to progressively polish the floor/concrete like you would a marble floor. This method is a green approach to polished concrete and is ideal for a variety of situations ;