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For every type of polished concrete there are sublte differences on what is required to achieve a polished finish. Have a look at our Buyers Guide to Polished Concrete here.

The main three finishes where this is important is for a cream polish (aka burnished concrete), partial aggregate exposure (aka hit n miss or salt n pepper) or full aggregate exposure.

For Cream Polish or Burnished Concrete the following special requirements apply for concrete surfaces;


For the floor to have a uniform appearance, the casting is of the greatest importance. (A poorly cast floor will be costly to grind, and even if the function of a polished floor can be achieved, the finish will be affected by uneven aggregate, cracks, etc.) The appearance of the  finish is totally dependent on the concrete's appearance. Colour differences in the surface are to be expected. It is important to protect the slab during the building process from spills and staining as these cannot be removed.

Did you know that in over 73% of cases, coatings fail because of poor surface preperation/insufficient bond profile?

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Step 1: Listen; we take the time to listen to your needs and wants.

Step 2:Question; we as question to understand which type of polished concrete will give the results you want.

Step 3: Quote; we quote for the floor and provide information of finishes.

Step 4: Advise; we advise builders and concretors on correct placement of concrete to ensure the best finish.

Step 5: Grind & Polish; we grind and polish the concrete as per the design that was agreed.

Step 6: Protect: We seal the floor and advise builders on how to best protect the floor.

Step 7: Maintenance: We provide advice on how to maintain the floor long term and will provide cleaning and maintenance services when needed.


See our Calculator Here

Maintenance of polished concrete

Just like your car polished concrete requires regular maintenance to keep it looking clean and fresh and shinny. There are different types of polished concrete so different methods are needed. 

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