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  • Firstly it allows you to get the job done in a reasonable period of time
  • No one wants a project to drag on and on especially floors as they can be so disruptive.
  • Secondly, safety: having a good dust management procedures in place you are not only keeping yourself and staff safe but also protecting the public from unnecessary dust exposure. Dust management also keeps the site clean and a clean site allows everyone to work seamlessly around each other.
  • Thirdly a great team. Having a great setup allows the team to work efficiently around each other even in a tight space. This work was completed between 10pm and 5am (when it was freezing). Working during these hours and these temps can be a recipe for disaster. However we had the right crew with the right setup and the work was performed to perfection. (also having a generator on the truck allows us to have three phase power wherever we need it).

 Site Setup Example 1: 

 At Diagrind ® ® We have a range of equipment and each grinder and vacuum setup can be used for different jobs. Larger jobs we will bring in the heavy hitters the largest grinders in our fleet. Other projects may not allow the room to get the big grinders in so we will use a range of smaller grinders. The consistent feature in our site setups is dust management. 

Dust Management isn't just to make a site look pretty it is an OH&S requirement to keep everyone safe. There are two different ways to manage dust, use a vacuum like in the video above or use water. Wet Grinding is often necessary for some types of grinding and polishing. Wet grinding you still have to get rid of all the wet slurry that gets left behind. By keeping the surface wet you stop the dust from becoming airborn and everyone breathing it in. Both methods will stil have some dust its unavoidable) however the key to correct site management and dust control is minimising its impact. 


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